A little about me...

Cycles are found all around us: birth and death, predator and prey, karma, the lessons that show up again and again in our lives, our meditations. For me, looping is a small scale version of these cycles. I hope to tap into the bigger picture and create connection by using my instruments and loops, because that is what it is all about: connection, love. 

After an injury, I was unable to play my instruments the way I once could and I had to find other ways to get music into the world. I began using an old loop machine I had acquired many years earlier and eventually, everything clicked into place. I found I could use this technology and layers of sounds to not only make up for my deficiencies, but also create more power and depth in my songs.  


Dani Tanzella

Upcoming Shows.

New Album: "Dedicated" Coming Summer 2018!

Watch for me in the upcoming 2018 documentary 
"Solo: The Evolution of the One Man Band"!!!
An Artrepreneur Production by Billy Dimes

(Check back for 2018 Spring/Summer Shows)


*June 8th NW Portland Market 2-3:45pm

*June 15th Art Walk Gresham 5:30-8pm

*July 8th Lavender Fest at Chelhalem Flats Farm 10-2pm

*July 20th Art Walk Gresham 5:30-8pm

*July 22nd Vancouver Farmer's Market 12:30-2:30pm

*August 5th St. John's Farmer's Market 10:00-11:15am

*August 9th People's Co-op Market 5-7pm 

*August 12th Vancouver Farmer's Market 12:30-2:30pm

*August 13th Kruger's Sauvie Island 3-6pm

*September 2nd St. John's Farmer's Market 11:15-1:30pm

*September 12th Kaiser Ceremony Honoring RNs (Private)

*September 13th Forest Grove Farmer's Market 4-8pm

*October 29th Kruger's Sauvie Island 3-6pm

Email danitanzella@gmail.com for booking


Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Loop Artist

Dani Tanzella is a Pacific Northwest artist 
who traveled from the Arizona desert, bringing her Southwestern spirit along for the ride.
Her passion is to create beautiful music and cultivate a conversation with her audience.


Healing through energy. 

                    Love Through Music.