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Dani Tanzella

Upcoming Shows.


*July 1st First Friday Art Walk in Downtown Vancouver 6-8pm

*July 9th Lavender Fest at Chelhalem Flats 11-2pm

*July 16th St. John's Farmer's Market 10a-1pm

*July 20th Camas Farmer's Market 5-7pm

*July 23rd Downtown Vancouver Farmer's Market 9:30-11:30am

Watch for me in the upcoming documentary 

"Solo: The Evolution of the One Man Band"!!!

(An Artrepreneur Production by Billy Dimes)

*Aug. 17th Camas Farmer's Market 5-7pm

*Sept. 10th Downtown Vancouver Farmer's Market 9:30-11:30am

*Sept. 17th Benefit for OHSU Resident MDs

*Sept. 21st Camas Farmer's Market 5-7pm

*Sept. 24th St. John's Farmer's Market  10a-1pm

*Sept. 28th Benefit (Treasure House) Arktana, Camas 3-7pm


Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Loop Artist

Dani Tanzella is a Pacific Northwest artist 
who traveled from the Arizona desert, bringing her Southwestern spirit along for the ride.
Her passion is to create beautiful music and cultivate a conversation with her audience.


Healing through energy. 

                    Love Through Music.                                         

A little about me...

Cycles are found all around us: birth and death, predator and prey, karma, the lessons that show up again and again in our lives, our meditations. For me, looping is a small scale version of these cycles. I hope to tap into the bigger picture and create connection by using my instruments and loops, because that is what it is all about: connection, love. 

After an injury, I was unable to play my instruments the way I once could and I had to find other ways to get music into the world. I began using an old loop machine I had acquired many years earlier and eventually, everything clicked into place. I found I could use this technology and layers of sounds to not only make up for my deficiencies, but also create more power and depth in my songs.